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Off Road Riding
2 strokes vs 4 strokes


Ontario Federation of Trail Riders

In the late 90’s many riders switched from 2 strokes to performance 4 strokes for noise and maintenance. Years later riders are switching from 4 strokes to 2 strokes for reason of reduced noise and maintenance. Below are reasons you might prefer one or the other.

2 Stroke

– Lighteight, performance tuned

– Fewer moving parts in the engine results in snappy power delivery

– Fewer moving parts result in cheaper rebuild costs

4 Stroke Air Cooled

– Reliable work horses whose technology is shared by at least one decade

– Close to maintenance free

– Generally are packaged with older suspension design to achieve a lower price point

– Linear power delivery and great for beginner riders

4 Stroke Liquid Cooled

– High performance motors with strong but linear power delivery

– Require periodic preventative maintenance and more frequent oil changes

– Not as light as the 2 stroke but close

– Very easy to ride offering great motor and suspension