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Off Road Riding
Size Appropriateness



Size of the Bike

Size or height of the motorcycle has been an issue since the late 70’s when suspension travel and ground clearance became more important than seat height. Is it important to be able to put both feet flat on the ground? If you are a beginner you may want to make that your priority. As you progress as a rider you may soon find the limits of the suspension travel and ground clearance of a low bike have somehow changed your priorities. You need to be comfortable with the height and weight of a machine or you will not be able to enjoy yourself and will always be worrying about falling over. If you out grow your first bike, congratulations, you have grown as a rider and now need to trade in your trusty steed for a new bike.

Sizing for kids is also very critical. The tendency is to size big so they don’t grow out of it. A bike that is too big can be dangerous. The resale on used kids bikes is always great and we would suggest the proper fit from the start. You wouldn’t send your kids to school with size 13 shoes, don’t buy them bikes that are too big.