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Off Road Riding
License Plates & Insurance


You must have liability insurance to ride on public land including but not limited to roads, road allowances, fire roads and trails. This includes municipal forests, conservation areas and crown lands.

It is also important to note that your home policy does not cover your dirt bike in the event it is stolen or lost in a fire, flood, etc. You must have fire and theft coverage in addition to liability to cover your bike.

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There are two common types of license plates used in off road riding as outlined below.

Green Plate

The green plate is actually white with green letters or numerals. It designates the bike as an off road only machine bearing the body type MF. The green plate must be permanently affixed to the front of the motorcycle, typically on the number plate.

The green plate and proper insurance allow the operator drive off road and to ride directly cross a highway as long as the operator has a valid Ontario drivers License.

Blue Plate

Again this plate is a white plate with Blue letters or numerals. It designates the bike as an approved vehicle for travel on road.

The Blue Plate in combination with proper insurance allows the operator to travel on road or on permitted off road areas providing the rider has a valid "M" class motorcycle license.

The Blue plate must be permanently affixed to the rear of the motorcycle in a location visible from directly behind the motorcycle according to the Highway Vehicles Act.