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election letter

May xx, 2014

{Insert candidateís name}

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Dear {insert candidateís name}

I am a resident of your riding and a member of the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders. The OFTR is an organization that promotes the safe, responsible riding of off road motorcycles as a healthy life choice. This recreational activity is also a fantastic means to explore Ontarioís natural environment.

Ontario is a province blessed with tremendous opportunities for the off road motorcyclist. This creates a great potential for the rural tourism industry as urbanites seek adventure outside the city limits. As these riders venture north, they bring income to the rural motels, campgrounds, restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations.

Ontarioís potential needs some legislative assistance to be fully rewarded. The current Highway traffic Act and the Off Highway Vehicle Legislation will require some modification to realize the full benefit. Regulation 316/03 currently allows municipalities to allow 4 wheel, single seat  ATVís to travel on secondary roads at the discretion of the municipality. Motion 98 from MPP Grant Crack passed unanimously through the Legislature a few short months ago to allow for the inclusion of 2-Up ATVís and Side-by-Side UTVís. I would like to ensure that off road motorcycles are included in future legislative changes so that all motorized trail vehicles are treated in a consistent and fair manner.

The OFTR is also part of a larger group, the Ontario Power Sports Working Group (OPSWG), a coalition of all motorized trail vehicle groups in the province. The OPSWG has been united in calling for consistency in the treatment of motorized trail vehicles for the purpose of limited road access for trail linkage and access things like service stations, accommodations, restaurants and stores in rural Ontario.

As the provincial election nears, I would appreciate a response indicating your support for off road motorcycling in the province and for bringing about consistency in the way off road vehicles are treated. I would be pleased to share your reply with others who participate in motorized trail activities in our community.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Good luck in your campaign. I look forward to working with you after June 12th.

Yours Truly