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Off-road Ontario

Off-Road Ontario Motorcycle Association or OO is a coalition of off road competition clubs which have been providing all of us with events like the Beagle Bash, Great Pine, Terra Nova and the Corduroy Enduro, which dates as far back as 1953.

Our 2014 schedule still to be determined but will likely follow the following format:

Six enduros, two of which are blue plated, four are green plate friendly and a new two day round in La Tuque, Quebec. The legendary Corduroy Enduro is now a three day event, with each day scored separately.

The nine cross country events include two new venues, one in Colborne Ontario, one in Codrington Ontario, and the return of Bytown in Perth Ontario.

We’ll be honouring four standing Champions:

One for our Ontario Cross Country series.
One for our Ontario Enduro series.
One Ontario Grand Champion per class for total points in XC and Enduro combined.
One for an Eastern Canadian Enduro Championship, which includes La Tuque (Mini Pine excluded).

For our combined Grand Championship, two lowest score (or DNF) throwaways will be allowed. This will accommodate those with green plated bikes who wish to compete for the Championship.

We changed some of the rules to help make it more fun for new racers.

First of all no race licence fee required and family discounts for second and third children in a family. (Rate discounts at selected events.)

Secondly, we’ve invited clubs to re-construct the kid’s classes to help with the introduction to our sport.

We replaced Novice B with a Progressive Beginner’s Class to help riders determine their best class.

Points are paid to 20th place with 25-1st , 22-2nd, 20-3rd, 18-4th, 16-5th, 15-6th & 1-20th.

Visit the following web sight for all updating information.