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Trail Warden & Stewardship

This program is very beneficial to forest managers who have to struggle with minimal budgets to run their forests. Wardens are generally volunteer club members that establish check points to monitor noise or to check for proper riding passes and credentials. The wardens can also be pay duty OPP officers. These police officers are paid by the club to patrol the forests and ticket offending riders. The stewardship program is more educational and less enforcement. Either way the program shows forest managers we are serious about abiding by the rules and will self police so they don’t have to worry us two wheel types.

Yamaha Noise Level Monitoring Program

As you may have read in the noise section, noise is the number 1 complaint received by forest managers. OFTR and Yamaha have teamed together to implement a noise education, monitoring and enforcement program. Loud bike are like loud drunks at parties, they get obnoxious real fast. Don’t be a source of noise pollution.

Honda Environmental Program

Invasive species is a huge concern crippling forests around the world. Global trade has introduced foreign species of plants and bugs that have the potential to wipe out a forest. Honda is a very green company and has teamed with OFTR on their “Clean Bike Program”. Here we educate riders to wash their bikes between rides to minimize the spread of IS’s. Honda also promotes the proper environmental disposal of chemicals created by off road riding. This includes motor oil, air filter oil & cleaner, suspension oils and waste fuel.