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Off Road Riding
Protective Gear for Bikes



Outfitting the Bike

If you bought a proper woods bike there is very little you need to do. If you bought an MX bike your list is a little longer. The following is a list of popular accessories to outfit your bike with.

Handguards or Barkbusters – these protect both your fingers and your control levers. Bang your front brake lever off of a sapling or branch and you will see. Break your clutch lever off in the middle of the woods and you will see too.

Skid Plate – the precious engine cases can be exposed to rocks that will end its life like a stab to the heart. A skid plate is a good investment if your bike doesn’t come stock with one.

Bar Pad – cheap accessory that will cushion your impact on the triple clamps should you decide to depart from your bike in acrobatic fashion

Pipe Guard – if you ride in rocky areas these will protect your bike especially if you ride a 2 stroke.

Pull Straps – again a cheap accessory to help you lift the bike

Hour Meter – a great stick on accessory that will help your maintenance schedule

MX Bike Accessories required that are standard on Woods bikes.

Quiet Muffler

Side stand


Bigger Gas Tank