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Protective Riding Gear

Proper riding gear is your best investment for years of continued enjoyment of riding. Obviously a helmet is a mandatory piece of protection. We recommend a quality MX style helmet with the peak and protruding chin bar. This helmet offers no eye protection so goggles or safety glasses are a must. For your next priorities you need to ask what other body parts can be compromised with an encounter with good old mother earth. How about boots? Yeah I put my feet down all the time even when I’m not supposed to. OK – need boots. Hands, yeah whenever I fall off I stick them out to save me. Note – need gloves. What else do I hit when I fall? Ouch, yeah elbows and knees. Yeah better add those to the list. Ok so my whole body is protected except the area of my spine, rib cage and the organs underneath. Is any of that vital to my enjoyment of life? Yeah – gimme a chest protector too. A new piece of equipment that has shown up on the market is the neck brace. More and more riders are choosing to wear one. Now that I have all the protective gear I need to cover it all up. What’s that you say? Yes your outfit wouldn’t be complete without a matching jersey and pants.

Below are some price ranges you could expect to pay.

Helmet $69 to $899 ($10 dollar head – $10 dollar helmet is the rule)

Googles $25 to $100

Boots $150 to $699

Gloves $20 to $50

Elbow Pads $25 to $50

Knee Pads/Braces $29 to $700

Chest Protector $69 to $249

Neck Brace $199 to $649

Pants & Jersey $79 to $300

If you buy a new bike and finance it, all this stuff will only cost you approximately $20 per month.

Now, when considering the above the common response is “but I’m just a beginner”. Guess what, you need the protection more than the pro rider. If you are buying a new bike and financing it, have them work it into the financing. For $10 to $20 per month you can ride safe and look good too!