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Safety & Education


Safety and education go hand in hand. The first step in safety is proper rider training. This is available at various locations in the province and will be listed on the 2014 Event Schedule.
Proper protective riding gear is equally important. If you are buying a new bike and financing it, $20 per month will buy you all the right gear. A small price for safety. It is important to choose the proper bike. If you’re not a pro, don’t buy a pro’s bike. Pick a bike that matches your abilities and your desired riding. Regular bike maintenance including fresh knobby tires creates a safe environment.
Off road riding is a physically demanding sport. It is important to realize your own limitations. Tackling the toughest trails when you’re tired is when you are most likely to get hurt.
Dehydration is a real danger. The symptoms may include cramping, arm pump and loss of mental clarity. Heavy protective gear, hot temperatures and physical exertion are prime conditions for dehydration. Multi -time Baja champion Scot Harden wears an enduro jacket in 100 degree plus heat. He states that the sweat is wicked away by the wind at speed and promotes dehydration. Riding with a camelbak or similar hydration system is recommended. There are lots of good electrolytes to drink, find one that agrees with your stomach and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The left over fluid will grow if left in your gear bag so make sure your either wash it out after every ride or throw the bladder into the freezer until next ride.
Add responsible conduct and you have the recipe for a long and safe riding career.