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Off Road Riding
Types of Motorcycles


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Bikes – Choose Your Weapon Carefully

Types of Bikes

Trail Bikes

– quite often air cooled with limited power output and limited suspension

– Great for kids, beginner riders and the vertically challenged

– exhaust is very quiet, typically under 90 dbA

Woods/Enduro Bikes

– water-cooled performance built machines designed for faster riding in the woods

– The suspension and power delivery is set up for woods riding to deal with roots, rocks and navigating over hill and dale between trees and whatever else gets in the way.

– Exhaust is spark arrested and designed to be 94 dbA or less

Motocross Bikes

– Meant for closed course racing with lots of bumps, jumps, whoops but hopefully no ooops

– Power delivery is more explosive and suspension is stiffer than a woods bike to accommodate big jumps

– Exhaust is loud as a result of added performance. 4 stroke MX bikes will generally will not pass sound test with the stock exhaust.

See other topics “Be Aware – Before you Buy” and Protective Gear for Bikes”

Dual Sport/Enduro Bikes

– Street legal bikes designed to run on and off road

– Range tremendously in performance as the priority shifts from dirt biased to street biased

– Tend to be heavier and softer suspended than a similar Woods bike

– Carry more oil for traveling for extended periods at higher rpm on the street

– Tires are DOT and sacrifice off road ability or wear life on the street

– Exhaust is very quiet to meet street specs (sub 90 dbA)